Muse Research Receptor - artists

Jay Oliver
keyboardist with the Dave Weckl band

"Wearing the many hats of jazz pianist/electronic keyboardist/producer & composer, I've shared perspectives of both studio musicians and live musicians. As a "player", it's crucial that the keyboard response time is as low as possible but often, software-based synths and samplers incur high latency because of the typical need for higher buffer settings on the computer. However you find a solution, the integrity of the part will most likely be compromised as a result.

Finally, thanks to Muse Research, you can load the Receptor up with as big a sample as you want, and the latency is not an issue, resulting in a playable sound - for either live or a performance in the studio.

For live, the receptor is ideal because it's as powerful as having a G5 tower loaded with VIs and plugs, except that you don't have to actually cart around a delicate computer/monitor/keyboard & mouse. And even better, it's MIDI programmable, and automatically reboots to its last loaded state, which means that under normal live situations, you don't need a monitor, mouse or keyboard, and it can just sit unobtrusively in a 2-space rack while giving you the best studio-quality sounds."

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