Muse Research Receptor - artists

Frank Strauss & Brian Monroney
Keyboardist and Music Director for Tom Jones

"I've been using the Muse Receptor on my gig with Tom Jones for about six months now, and it really has opened up so many possibilities for me musically. I'm able to run a multitude of virtual instruments and plug-ins, all consolidated in one very stable unit."

"We've been using software instruments onstage with Tom Jones for several years now, running on a dedicated Macintosh G4 which required a whole rack to itself including the screen and audio/MIDI interfaces. With the arrival of the Receptor we've eliminated bulky the G4 rack, and taken our virtual instrument use to an entirely new level."

"Tom's keyboardist, Frank Strauss, plays Ivory for his main piano sound, and a whole suite of Native Instruments products including B4 II, Absynth, Pro-53 and Kompakt. That we can have these superb-sounding instruments all running on a single super-stable 2-space device is just fantastic. I have a Receptor myself for writing and production work, and combined with my PowerBook it makes a killer portable studio."

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