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One of the many cool things about connecting Receptor to your computer is that you can remotely control Receptor's graphical user interface using your computer's keyboard, mouse, and monitor — just as if you had plugged these directly into Receptor!

This is especially handy when you take your Receptor to a live performance situation, where you may already be taking a laptop computer to play sequencers, or other music or media software. In a live performance situation it isn't always practical to bring a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse just for the Receptor. Receptor Remote Control allows you to manage your Receptor using your laptop's trackpad/mouse, keyboard and screen, rather than using the Receptor front panel interface.

Even in a non performance environment, that is to say, at home or work, the Receptor Remote Control application allows you to save on both desktop space as well as equipment cost by using your existing computer's monitor, keyboard, and mouse to control your Receptor.

Concurrent with the release of Receptor v1.7 software, Receptor Remote Control was updated to v1.2, which greatly expanded this desktop component's functionality. Previous versions simply opened Receptor's graphical user interface on your Mac or Windows desktop. The new version now gives you several additional options and new features.

Help Desk The Help Desk contains numerous videos, tutorials, and documentation links designed to help you set up and use your Receptor.
Direct Install Direct Install is a new method (discussed, in detail, in the v1.7 manual supplement), which allows you to install plug-ins on Receptor using their native Windows installers.
Receptor Drive Open (mount) Receptor's internal hard drive on your computer's desktop, where you can navigate it just like any other storage volume on your computer—you can even drag and drop files between it and your computer's drives.
Receptor Viewer Open a window in which you'll see Receptor's graphical user interface. You can control Receptor from your computer using the Receptor Viewer window just as if you had connected a monitor, keyboard, and mouse directly to Receptor.

To learn more about editing Receptor with its Graphical User Interface, see the Receptor User Interface Videos.


Receptor Remote Control is installed on your Mac OS X or Windows XP/Vista desktop. To launch Receptor Remote Control, simply double-click it, and the application opens on your Mac or PC.

The unified Receptor Tools v1.3 installers for Windows (XP/Vista) and Mac OS X (10.5-10.6) contain the latest versions of the Receptor Remote Control and Receptor Viewer applications, the UniWire plug-ins (v1.2) and the local help files. Please download and install for your chosen OS. Once installed, click the Receptor Remote Control icon to begin.

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