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" The Receptor Qu4ttro and Trio are immensely powerful musical tools. With some commitment from the user, itís quite possible to solve nearly all of your synthesis and effects needs in one box. "

" The latest Receptor remains the standard for musicians who want the power of software instruments in road-worthy hardware, without the complications of a mainstream computer OS. "

Keyboard Magazine, September 2014

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Receptor Earns Key Buy Award"For anyone touring or moving from studio to studio, the Receptor 2 is almost too obvious not to use. With knockout processing punch, it’s as much the heavyweight champ of hardware hosts in 2010 as the original was for 2004—and then some. In light of the new pricing, its performance earns it another prize: our Key Buy award."

Keyboard Magazine, September 2010

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"I was well impressed by the roadworthiness of the insides. This unit is most definitely going to last to the end of the tour!"

"...the more I used it, the more I fell on love with its straightforward plug-and-play philosophy. "

...Receptor’s popularity among professional musicians is testimony to its success, with some even buying three or four for their gigging rigs."

SOS, June 2010

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"This thing rocks! If it weren’t for the potential for
bodily harm from Recording’s Mike Metlay, I
would never give it back."

Recording Magazine, August 2010

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"As a Receptor user, I can attest that it
works as advertised - and more"

Craig Anderton
Executive Editor, EQ Magazine
September 2008


"...Like a computer without all the drama... reliability, compared to a Laptop, is greatly increased...easier to use than most hardware synths and infinitely more versatile... a very good idea that functions exactly as promised"

Audio Technology Magazine
May/June 2005

audioMIDI"A compelling alternative to a traditional computer based soft-synth and plug-in package... Receptor is reliable, easy to use, and powerful, and even more surprisingly, affordable."
Review and Musikmesse update, April 2005

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"Receptor is a solid and competent performer filling a widely recognized gap in the market"

Music Tech Magazine
December 2004

Electronic Musician

"Receptor's multi-channel design, GUI, and flexibility in setting up its front panel controls make it an excellent live-performance virtual-instrument and DSP host. ...a clear advance in multi-synth and multi-effects hardware"

Electronic Musician, February 2005

Future Music

"10 out of 10 for sounds and results.
Undoubtedly a great tool"

Future Music
November 2004

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