Muse Research Receptor support - frequently asked questions

» What does this thing do? [+]
» Isn't Receptor just a hot-rod PC? [+]
» I already have a computer. Why would I want to buy a Receptor? [+]
» So, why shouldn't I just get a laptop? [+]
» Should I buy a Receptor instead of a second computer? [+]
» What software comes loaded on Receptor? [+]
» What is [+]
» Can I use VSTs I've already purchased with Receptor? [+]
» What if I have the Mac version of a VST plugin? [+]
» I received a disc of... um... "free" plugins... [+]
» Can I use more than one Receptor at once? [+]
» How do I upgrade the software or add new plugins? [+]
» Does Receptor work with both Macintosh and Windows? [+]
» What makes Receptor different or better than a computer? Couldn't I just put a motherboard in a box and have the same functionality? [+]
» How does MIDI work with Receptor? [+]
» I've tried using computers on stage, but plugins take forever to load. Is Receptor any better? [+]
» Does Receptor support plugins with multiple outputs? [+]
» Does Receptor support multitimbral plugins? [+]
» I record using an ADAT. Does Receptor with with my studio? [+]
» How do I hook Receptor up to my other gear? [+]
» I play Hurdy-Gurdy. Will Receptor work for me? [+]
» I own a standalone "portastudio." Can I use Receptor with it? [+]
» I usually perform live on keyboards. Will Receptor work in my rig? [+]
» Can I use Receptor with my PA system? [+]
» My main axe is guitar. Does Receptor work with guitars? [+]
» I'm a drummer. What's in it for me? [+]
» As a vocalist, I use a variety of effects for my voice. Will this box help me sound my best? [+]
» If Receptor uses GPLed code, where can I download the source? [+]
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