Receptor Plug-ins

Plug-ins that come pre-installed on Receptor.

Plugorama This page contains a list of plug-ins that currently ship on every Receptor that leaves Muse Research HQ plus additional "User Installable" premium plug-ins that can be downloaded from Plugorama. Additional plug-ins are added regularly and these are announced and made available for download via

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Premium Plug-ins included for FREE with every Receptor! [top]
Applied Acoustics Systems Applied Acoustics AAS Player
Camel Audio Camel Audio Alchemy Player, Camel Phat Free, CamelSpace*, CamelPhat*
IK Multimedia IK Multimedia Amplitube Uno
TruePianos TruePianos AMBER
Studio Devil Studio Devil BVC
Ultimate Sound Bank/Universons MusePlayer
Wave Arts MasterVerb 4*, TrackPlug 4*
These free premium plugins are only provided when you register your RECEPTOR 2+, RECEPTOR 2+ PRO, or RECEPTOR 2+ PRO MAX. Free premium plugins provided when you register your RECEPTOR 2+ product can only be run on your RECEPTOR and are not eligible for crossgrading to a Mac or PC. When you activate the licenses for the FREE premium plugins, you may become eligible for additional discounts, upgrades and promotions direct from the developers. Contact the developers for more information.


Premium Plug-ins (in demo mode) [top]
Developer Plug-in(s)
Applied Acoustics Systems Lounge Lizard 3, String Studio, Ultra Analog
Cakewalk z3ta+
Genuine Soundware and Instruments VB3
General Vibe VectorSector
GForce impOSCar, M-Tron, M-Tron Pro, Minimonsta:Melohman, Oddity, Virtual String Machine (VSM)
IK Multimedia Total Workstation Bundle, CSR Reverb
LinPlug Albino 3, RMIV
Native Instruments Komplete 8, Komplete 8 Ultimate
Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Bundle, Essential Studio Suite and Rock Amp Legends
Ohm Force Hematohm, Mobilohm, OhmBoyz, Predatohm, QuadFrohmage
PSPaudioware Lexicon PSP42, Lexicon PSP84, MixPack**, PSP MixSaturator from the PSP MixPack, StereoPack, Nitro, Vintage Warmer
reFX Beast, PlastiCZ, Slayer 2, Vanguard
Rob Papen Albino 3 (LinPlug), BLUE (RPCX), Predator (RPCX), RG, SubBoomBass, RP Verb
Sonalksis CQ1 Multi-Band Compander, DQ1 Dynamic Equaliser, SV-315 Compressor, SV-517 Equaliser
SonicProjects OP-X, OP-X PRO, Stringer
The Sound Guy SFX Machine PRO
Wave Arts MasterVerb 5, TrackPlug 5, FinalPlug 5, Panorama 5, MultiDynamics 5
**  PSP MixSaturator from the PSP MixPack can be unlocked for FREE by registering it at Plugorama. (The rest of the MixPack is not included for free.)


"User" or "Direct" Installable Premium Plug-ins (Not shipped with Receptor) [top]
Art Vista Virtual Grand Piano
Best Service Artist Drums, Chris Hein Horns Vol.1, Galaxy Steinway 5.1
Big Fish Audio First Call Horns
East West NOTE: Kontakt, Kompakt or Intakt versions only (NOT PLAY Version) of: Colossus, Bösendorfer 290, EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Silver, Gold and Platinum Editions, Ra, Symphonic Choirs, StormDrum
FXpansion BFD, BFD2
Garritan Personal Orchestra, Jazz & Big Band
Heavyocity Evolve
IK Multimedia Ampeg SVX, Amplitube 2, Amplitube Jimi Hendrix, Amplitube Metal, Amplitube Fender, CSR: Classik Studio Reverb, Miroslav Philharmonik, SampleMoog, SampleTank 2, SampleTron, Sonik Synth 2, T-RackS, Total Workstation 2 Instruments Bundle
Native Instruments Absynth 3 & 4, Akoustik Piano, B4 II, Bandstand, Battery 2 & 3, Elektrik Piano, FM8, Guitar Combos, Guitar Rig 1, 2 & 3 (The Guitar Rig pedal is not supported), Kompakt, Komplete 8, Kontakt 2, 3, 3.5, 4 & 5, Massive, Reaktor 5.6
ProjectSAM Orchestral Brass Classic, Symphobia
Sample Modeling The Trumpet
Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Atmosphere, Stylus Classic, Trilogy, Stylus RMX
Synthogy Ivory
Tapspace Virtual Drumline 2
Toontrack dfh Superior
Wusik Wusikstation
XLN Audio Addictive Drums
Zero-G Nostalgia, Sounds of Polynesia

Muse Research has developed a method that will allow you to install and authorize these additional premium plug-ins. Downloads and installation instructions are available at Plugorama.

Note that Muse Research does not distribute nor sell these plug-ins on Rather, the free downloads configure your Receptor to allow your previously purchased plug-ins to be authorized using the developer's own authorization methodology.


Freeware Plug-ins [top]
Developer Plug-in(s)
4Front Technologies Bass, E-Piano, Piano, Rhode
AudioNerdz Delay Lama
Big Tick Cheeze Machine, Dual Delay, Hexaline, Nasty Shaper, Ticky Clav
Camel Audio CamelCrusher
DestroyFX Buffer Override, EQ Sync, MIDI Gater, Geometer, Monomaker, RMS Buddy, Scrubby, Skidder
Elogoxa Cosmo Girl, The Devil Inside, JG-3
EVM Synths Microsynth
FXpansion Enigmatron, Mysteron
Gallo Engineering Studio Devil BVC (British Valve Custom)
Green Oak Crystal
GTG Synths Drum Kid 4, Drawbar, E-Flex, Express 3, GTG 7, GTG Micro, Log Synth, MP5.1, PD Poly, Tranzister, Wave 2.1, Yuno
Image-Line DX10, E-Piano, Piano
Kjaerhus Audio Classic Chorus, Classic EQ, Classic Flanger, Classic Master Limiter, Classic Reverb, Classic Phaser
Klang Labs WNM-1 FX, WoW!, WoW ST
LinPLug Free Alpha
mda Bandisto, Combo, De-ess, Delay, Dither, DubDelay, Dynamics, Envelope, Image, Leslie, Limiter, Loudness, Multi-band, Overdrive, RePsycho!, RezFilter, RingMod, RoundPan, Splitter, Stereo, SubSynth, TestTone, ThruZero
Nomad Factory Nomad Free Bundle (Phaser, Sweeper, Tremolo)
Odo Synths A-Sine
Ohm Force Frohmage
PQN Audio Cooly, Mopar
PSP Audioware PianoVerb
Psychic Modulation Pandemonium
reFX Claw
rgc:audio Sfz, Triangle 1, Triangle II
Rumpelrausch Täips ZR3
Smart Electronix Bouncy, H20, MadShifta, s(M)exoscope, SupaPhaser, OnePingOnly
Sonic Implants SoundFont Bank for sfz
Sound Burst SoundFont Bank for sfz
Steinberg Karlette
TobyBear Cow Delay, Decimator, Morphone, RoboBear, SilverBox
Ultimate Sound Bank Plugsound Free
Virtual Creations UltraPhazer
Wurr Audio Little Green Amp , Little booster, Green Gate, Green Wah
xoxos Synger
Unsupported Plug-ins [top]

Although we certainly can't individually test every freeware and commercial plug-in for complete compatibility with Receptor, our experience thus far has been that most freeware works with Receptor automatically, as long as the developer of the freeware plug-in has strictly followed the Windows VST 2.0 plug-in specification. Plus, many commercial plug-ins work with Receptor automatically if they use simple (i.e. serial number) or no copy protection. Having said that, there will inevitably be some Windows VST 2.0 plug-ins that may not be fully functional for whatever reason, and Muse Research makes no claims or warranties regarding compatibility, or functionality.

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