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RECEPTOR 2+ PRO and RECEPTOR 2+ PRO MAX Upgrade program

RECEPTOR VIP Trade-In program

*** Please Note: The Receptor 2+ UPGRADE program will end on Dec 31, 2012. ***

Welcome to the RECEPTOR 2+ PRO and RECEPTOR 2+ PRO MAX Upgrade program. The options for upgrading any pre-RECEPTOR 2+ Receptor model to the new RECEPTOR 2+ PRO or PRO MAX are summarized below.

Please note that is possible to upgrade to RECEPTOR 2+ PRO and PRO MAX models ONLY. The standard RECEPTOR 2+ model upgrade is not available. Also note that the Receptor 2+ upgrade program will not be available after December 31, 2012.


Receptor to RECEPTOR 2+ Upgrades Available

Receptor 2, Rev. A, B or C or PRO40, PRO JR or PRO 750 $1,399 $1,899

Receptor to RECEPTOR VIP Trade-In

Any Receptor $1,199 $1,599 $1,999

To Trade In your older RECEPTOR for a RECEPTOR VIP, please contact Muse Research.

To Upgrade to a RECEPTOR 2+ PRO or PROMAX Click Here


  • The upgrade includes the new processor, RAM, Drive, motherboard and chassis (and power supply, if required [an additional $75 will be charged, see below]).
  • The upgraded Receptor will retain the old front panel but will receive the new chassis pan for PRO and PRO MAX to accommodate the new cooling fan. To upgrade to the new cosmetics is an additional $100 and must be selected as an option in the order form that precedes these Terms & Conditions. If you choose to upgrade to the new front panel, it will include new knobs, new color front panel, the plastic strip and the blue LCD. We reuse the old front panel board so the power LED will remain green.
  • Custom installation of premium plug-ins is available for an additional $100 (for up to 5 plugins). The plug-ins available for pre-install are limited to the those presented in the order form that precedes these Terms & Conditions. You MUST supply proof of purchase (i.e. a copy of the receipt) and relevant serial numbers for any of these plug-ins that you wish us to install. Please do NOT send us the installation disks.
  • To ensure the Receptor is adequately protected during transit, the customer should return their unit to Muse Research in the ORIGINAL FACTORY PACKAGING, if possible. The customer bears responsibility if the product exterior is damaged by being poorly packed when sending it to Muse Research for upgrading. Do not send Receptor with rack ears, cables, ilok key or discs. Muse Research is not responsible if these items are damaged or lost during the upgrade process.
  • Upgraded units have a 90 day warranty.

Please pay particular attention to these three points - it is VERY important that you are aware of this information!

  1. ALL units sent in for upgrade must have the newer Sparkle power supply already fitted, otherwise an additional $75 charge for upgrading the power supply will be added. To clarify: Your Receptor will be checked when it is received. If it requires a power supply upgrade the total price we charge your credit card will increase by $75.
  2. Muse Research is unable to copy ANY third party software, customer configuration or data from the old Receptor hard drive to the new upgraded RECEPTOR 2+ hard drive. The customer MUST backup any data on the Receptor hard drive that they do not wish to lose before sending the Receptor in for upgrade (e.g. Banks, Patches, Samples, etc.). Muse Research will accept NO responsibility for lost data or for re-authorization.
  3. Apart from the old Hard Disc Drive, the customer will not receive any other old parts back. If the customer would like the old parts returned, the price will increase by $400. Please make sure you selected the required option in the order form that precedes these Terms & Conditions.

To Begin the Upgrade Process Click Here

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