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Doug Emery
Keyboardist, Programmer, Arranger for artists such as Barbara Streisand, Kelly Clarkson, Ricardo Arjona, Julio Iglesias, Clay Aiken, Jon Secada, Chayanne, and more.

"I finally have a simple and easy way to take all of my best sounds with me no matter where I go. Whether I'm in the recording studio or doing a live gig I never feel like I'm having to make do. Doing a session use to mean making sure I had cartage to take my racks of modules and computers, but now I just grab the Receptor and I'm out the door.


My clients are happy since they don't have the added expense of cartage when I'm coming in to the studio of their choice. Also, there's no more having to send the gear days in advance of a live show or session where I'm being flown in. I just love the flexibility the Receptor has given me. Also, I love being able to call up a whole setup just like patches in a module. This is so much easier then trying to do this with a DAW for live shows. And now with Uniwire connecting is easy and way slick! Nice goin'!!"

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