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King James II
Producer / Engineer, Daddy's House Recording Studios (Owned by Sean "PDiddy" Combs)

"Coming from a Hip Hop and R&B background, I used to run out like everyone else to buy the most popular keyboards that came out each year because producer "xyz" uses it. But around 3 years ago I sold all my keyboards and sound modules and got into the world of virtual instruments and custom sound libraries."

"I tried to get into computer-based sequencing and running plug-ins with host software, but quickly found it was neither easy or reliable. I got frustrated with trying to build the perfect computer and all the hassles of trying to get all of my different recording software programs to work well together. After lugging a PC tower to a tracking session, I knew I had to find a better way, but I didn't want to give up using plug-ins."

"That's when I went back to a using a hardware sequencer and started looking for an answer to my VSTi problem. My search was over when I found Receptor. I've used Nuendo, Sonar, Project5, V-stack and even Forte to try to run VSTs, but I found Receptors' design and interface to be simpler and more effective. Even better, now I'm able to use combinations of plug-ins that would've crashed my old PC system."

"Receptor is easy to use, easy to update, and is really portable. Now as opposed to spending $2000 plus for every new keyboard that comes out, you can spend $100 here or $200 there for new instruments and effects that are well worth the cost, and not to mention the hundreds of free plug-ins that are available. This unit has changed to the way I create tenfold. I'm able to do everything I need to with just one unit but who knows? I may get another unit in the near future to double my power."

Credits include: The Notorious B.I.G: Duets (The Final Chapter) (Certified Platinum), Nelly: Sweatsuit (Certified Gold) Jeulz Santana (Certified Gold) and various other major projects.
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