Muse Research Receptor - artists

Mark Applebaum
Composer, Performer, Professor of Music

"I use my Receptor in a rather idiosyncratic way: it serves as the primary DSP engine for radically transforming the sound of my Mouseketier electroacoustic sound-sculpture--an instrument made of junk, hardware, and found objects. I use layers upon layers of effects to modify the acoustic sounds in unique ways, and the power and versatility of Receptor makes it possible to take simple percussive stimuli and turn them into truly expressive and arresting timbres.

"I've used my Receptor (version 1.0 !) for years, dragging it around the world to countless live New Music Festivals where it has always been at the core of my performances. I've just upgraded to the RECEPTOR 2+ PRO and have seen an immediate increase in processing power. This enhancement over its already capable predecessor will undoubtedly push the limits of my creativity as I reconsider what I can do with all of this power... [evil laugh...]"

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