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Alan Steinberger
Keyboardist and composer

“The Muse Receptor provides me a simple solution to the problem of how to transport all those cool plugins previously locked up in my home studio. And with the Receptor handling the heavy lifting, I don’t have to buy a new computer every couple of years and experience the joys of transferring my entire life to a new machine.

Visitors who check out my gear on the scoring stage must think it’s a bit peculiar when I take them around the back of the rig and start blathering on about UniWire and how all the sounds are coming from this one box down this single yellow Ethernet cable. But they quietly excuse themselves at the earliest opportunity and set off for the food table, leaving me to revel privately in the elegance of the Receptor’s design.

Since firing the Giga and hardware samplers back in 2005, my setup time has dropped from an hour of frequently tearing my hair out to 15 minutes of plugging in a couple of cables while chatting with the other musicians. And the signal flow–multiple outputs from the VST instruments into separate channel strips in Receptor Remote Control and on to the eight bus outs of my FireWire interface–it’s unbelievably slick. I’m able to tweak the routing even after having been up all night putting all the little black dots on the page.”

- Alan Steinberger, LA keyboard session ace (March of the Penguins, Talladega Nights, Anchorman, Firefly, King of the Hill, Andrea Bocelli, Michael Crawford)

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